A Sense of the Resurrection: An Easter Bible Study Review

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Every year, I search for new ways to engage my children in discussion about Easter. They are surrounded by the worldly decorations of Easter bunnies and egg baskets, beautiful pastel colors, and the notion that Easter means countless, I mean c-o-u-n-t-l-e-s-s candy!! And since we live in the modern world and not on the deserted island, it also means that it is up to us, families, to teach our children the true meaning of the Resurrection Day. If we don’t, our kids’ hearts and minds are up for grabs by the rest of the world.

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I know that it can feel overwhelming to commit to a Bible study, especially when your days may be filled with school, clubs, sports, and family events. But Easter usually sneaks up on us, and then a few days prior to the holiday, we suddenly feel the guilt and pressure to do something. Anything! We feel like we failed.

A sense of the resurrection study

A Sense of the Resurrection Study

The study I want to share abut today will not take a lot of your time. Or maybe it will, in a good way? 😉 You are in charge of how it will go. It is up to you whether you choose to do it all or do what you can based on your available family time. One thing for sure—A Sense of the Resurrection gives you a good solid base upon which you can build your Easter discussion.

A little back story

A few years back, I jumped on the Black Friday sale offer of the study called Truth in the Tinsel: an Advent Experience for Little Hands by Amanda White. If you have not heard about this fabulous family-oriented Advent study, you absolutely must go and check it out! Ever since that Christmas, my family was hooked! The study was such a big hit, that till this day, my kids, who are now 10 and 8, still request this particular Christmas study every single year.

When Amanda’s Easter family study came out, I was, if not the first in line (virtually), but very close to it!! It’s called A Sense of the Resurrection: an Easter Experience for Families. We have done this study a couple of times over the years, and it has also become one of our favorites, just like Truth in the Tinsel.

hands marked red dots easter devotional

A Sense of the Resurrection Study-Day 7

In a few words, it’s a Bible study for families to do together. It covers the story of the life of Jesus from just before his triumphal entry into Jerusalem till He appeared to His disciples after His resurrection. The study is highly engaging, as it involves using all 5 senses (sight, hearing, smelling, touching, and tasting) in a variety of fun activities. You will be dancing, singing, and laughing all the while studying the Word in a new interactive way.

I wholeheartedly recommend it! Below you’ll find a few good reasons why.

1.It’s chock full of Biblical truth and application.

Each day starts with at least one, but usually several Bible verse references. You can choose whatever translation you wish for the reading. All daily scriptures connect to the topic of the day. The author also gives simple question samples or topic discussion tips to think deeper about the Bible story of the day. This comes in very handy if you are not a natural teacher and struggle to find ways to talk to your children about the Bible on their level.

2.Simple and Convenient Supply List

Most of the in the items in the conveniently provided list are the things you can find at home. The list has even specific categories! You don’t have to use exactly what’s on the list, however. We have made substitutions in the past, and it all worked out! Be flexible and creative and use the list as a guideline.

3.Clear instructions, accompanied by pictures.

The study is very well laid out. Each day takes only 1 page. Instructions are concise and very clear. The author provides pictures of the craft/activity, so that you can have a visual of what to do. It’s always nice to open up the study and feel calm and peaceful that “you’ve got it!” instead of feeling completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of info.

4.You can be as crafty as YOU want.

This study does include several craft suggestions for each day. But it does not mean that you absolutely have to do them to have a successful Bible study! You can simply skip over the craft instructions and go to the story and discussion. On a few occasions, we had to ditch the craft part due to time constraints or lack of supplies. Instead, the kids drew pictures of what we just read about.

I must mention another wonderful feature of this study: printable banner flags!! This is a great option if you have some extra time on your hands, and the children want to do more. If you are not the crafty type and want to skip that part all together, you can have your children decorate the flags (according to instructions) or have them simply color in the flag of the day. Printable flags look just like coloring pages. If you print them out and instead of cutting along the lines simply staple the papers together, you will have a nice 12 page Easter Book, decorated by your kids.

5.It’s only 12 days long

In my opinion, it’s a great length for a Bible study with kids. It gives you enough time to be able to dive into the Easter story and study it well. It consists of 12 “study days”, which are essentially 12 lessons. You can choose to go through it every single day and finish right before Easter. Or you can choose to do it every other day and take up closer to a month. You can also combine the lessons/days and do the study in clusters (for instance, on the week-ends). The beauty of this Easter study is that how you do it and how long it takes is entirely up to you!

A Sense of the Resurrection Study

Ever since my kids were little, during Christmas and Easter, we would read books, do activities, and have conversations about what they had heard. And every year, without a miss, I would be the one surprised to learn something new about Jesus and my relationship with Him through our simple lessons. The older my kids got, the more interesting the conversations became. It is through these studies and discussion that I believe we, as a family, discover the world of faith and hope. Our children, in turn, learn to discover the burning questions about God and dig deeper for their own answers. And we, parents, are here to help them navigate and discover the truths of the Bible.

A Sense of the Resurrection Study

A Sense of the Resurrection Study

A Sense of the Resurrection is a gem of a study: scripture based, interactive, convicting, and encouraging. It is a study the whole family can do together, picking up easily were you leave off. The instructions are clear, and the sample questions/conversation starters are extremely helpful for parents. If you feel stressed out that you don’t know where even to begin with this year’s Bible lessons on Easter, check out Amanda White’s study A Sense of the Resurrection and I promise you will be pleasantly surprised!






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  1. DeAngela Steele says:

    Love this!Thanks for sharing. It is imperitive to introduce the truth to kids so they will know the truth and not be fooled/caught up by the world’s mislead celebrations which is so easy

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