First days with your new cat are going to be chaotic. Embrace it, it won’t last long. You simply need to prepare yourself for some adjustments. If you know what to expect, getting settled with your new cat should be a breeze! Every cat is different, so not every cat will react to his new environment the same way. Below are some common ways that cats act when they arrive to their new house, and hopefully it’ll give you an idea of what to expect.

A fair warning:


grey kitten first days with your new cat

Expect Meowing

Our cat meowed almost the entire first night we brought her home. I literally slept for only 2 hours that night. It felt like those hazy days with a newborn in a house when you just trying to keep them and yourself alive and crash back asleep when they sleep.

I am not sure what exactly caused our kitty to meow so much, but I am sure she was scared and anxious. Her surroundings were all new. Our house was filled with unfamiliar scents and sounds. I’m sure she needed some time to get comfortable and fully adjusted.

Our kitty also didn’t spend much time with us after getting home. We picked her up from her transit truck at 9pm, drove home, and hung out with her for a couple of hours, but then it was bedtime. She was very cautious with her new humans and unsure if she could trust us. And I don’t blame her. Moving is a big deal, even for a cat.

Expect Scratching

Whether or not you have a scratching post/box, your cat will probably try to scratch different surfaces to mark his territory. Expect it and deal with it accordingly.

For example, show your cat where to scratch by taking his two front paws and gently (!!) moving them on the scratching post. Their claws should naturally come out from the paws, and they will sense the rough surface of the scratching post. If you let the cat go, he will most likely come back to the post in a few minutes and try scratching it by himself. For extra guarantee of success, try sprinkling some catnip on the scratching post. Usually the cats get it pretty quickly.

But the first few days and nights, you might hear some unauthorized scratching. Our cat scratched the carpet all night when we brought her home. And after that first night, it never happened again.

Expect Hiding

Cats are notoriously stealthy hiders. When your new cat first arrives at your place, do not be alarmed if it suddenly disappears. If your doors are locked, and the windows are closed, have no fear. Your cat is simply exploring or recharging.

We managed to “lose” our cat twice the first week-end we got her. It was quite comical. When we kept calling her and looking for her, she made no noise what so ever. We were minutes away from calling the local shelter embarrassed that we lost a cat the 1stday we had her.

We checked every nook and cranny of our house twice to no avail. I finally discovered her hiding place inside my daughter’s closet. The cat buried herself in the dress-up basket. It was easy to miss her because you couldn’t see her, and I only found her because I reached out with my hand to pat the dress-up. And there she was, the soft warm curled up ball of a cat. The next day when we couldn’t locate her, we didn’t freak out as much. We knew we had to look harder. And sure enough, she hid INSIDE our couch (inside the fabric behind the frame). That stinker!

Safe Place

During those two days we read a lot about what to do when you loose a cat! One of the articles said that cats sometimes need a “safe space” from all the noise and stimulation of a busy family. They do not want to be bothered or found. After they have recharged, they will come out and play and be social. But sometimes, they just want humans to leave them alone. It all made sense because we certainly over-showered our kitty with attention the first couple of days. She simply wanted a break.

Hide Your Valuables

Cats are curious and playful creatures. If you leave your pretty sparkly ring or earrings out, the cat might think it’s a toy. He may try to toss it with his paws for his entertainment. There is a high chance you will lose a pretty piece of jewelry. Cats also tend to go after the skinny cable chargers and chew on them. Try to remember to get them out of the way at least for the first days with your new cat. Once you train your cat not to chew or play with them, I’m sure you can leave the cables out. Providing cat with daily playtime will also help to keep him away from entertaining himself with your valuables.

The first days with your new cat may sound like a lot of work and more responsibilities than you have bargained for. But please, believe me when I say that in the end, it will be all worth it! Giving a home to an animal in need a noble act! You may have to make a few sacrifices and change your lifestyle just a little to accommodate a new addition to your family. Your reward will be mounds of unconditional love and devotion from your pet!

Also, CONGRATS on your new cat! I hope this post helps you in preparation to welcome your new furry fireball into your family!


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