Simple Father’s Day Tie Craft

Looking for a simple, quick, but thoughtful craft for the Dad in your life? Start reading now to find out how to make a Simple Father’s Day Tie Craft.

We all know how summer sneaks up on us, right? The kids just finished pre-school year, and you barely had time to breath with both your toddlers at home full time. And then, “Bam!”, Father’s Day is in a few days, and you are desperately looking for something that’s cute and not time-consuming to make with your kids for your hubby.

If you need a fun, super easy, and sweet craft to do with your toddlers in one evening, keep reading! I’m sharing a simple Father’s Day Tie craft that my kids did a few years ago. It was a great time scheming and planning, and the end result was super cute!Father's Day Tie Craft

Let’s get crafting!

Father’s Day Tie Craft Supplies:

Father’s Day Tie Craft Directions:

Just as the craft itself, the directions are quite simple as well.

  1. All you need to do is print a tie template on cardstock, cut it out, and then trace it onto white cardstock paper.

We did eight ties total, so that each kid had four ties to color.

2.  After you trace your ties onto cardstock, cut them out using scissors.

3.  Using markers and crayons, have your kids color one side of the ties.

Father's Day Tie Craft

Since they are toddlers/preschoolers, that’s probably all they can handle at this age. Let them freely express themselves and make cool patterns with markers and crayons!

Father's Day Tie Craft

4.  While they are coloring, ask them questions about their dad.

  • What are some things that are unique about Dad?
  • How does he make you laugh?
  • Where do you like going with your Dad?
  • What do you love the most about Dad? Etc. etc. etc.

Write those down as they speak.

5.  After the kids ae finished coloring, it’s time to wash up and let them go.

6. Your job now is to write their statements about their Dad onto little colored ties. Don’t worry, for there will be a year when they finally be able to write not only their names but the whole card or a letter to their Dad. But for now, since they are little, this will make a beautiful memento.

Father's Day Tie Craft

6. Pack your little ties up for now. When Father’s Day approaches, you may want to clip the ties on a string with clothpins and display like a banner. It would make an adorable decoration for breakfast. Or you can simply handed to him when he wakes up to read his cards out loud. Whatever you make and do, I am sure it will be great and memorable.

As I said before, it is such a simple craft, but the one that the kids would be very excited to make.

Father's Day Tie Craft

Our own Dad was so touched with the sweet sayings my kids said about him. What could be a sweeter gift to a parent than your kids’ confessions of love and affection?! That’s right, nothing compares!

Father's Day Tie Craft

Father's Day Tie Craft

If you are looking for a last minute simple but sweet craft to do with your kids, this Father’s Day Tie Craft is it! Make it fun and engaging, and your toddlers will gladly follow your lead. And the Dad in your family will love it and you as well for it!

Happy crafting! And to all the dads out there, THANK YOU for your hard work and HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!

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