Fall in Eastern PA: 3 Places to Visit

We happen to live in the eastern part of Pennsylvania, and the weather here can be quite finicky. However, for the most part, we witness the change of seasons yearly. And, in my opinion, the most vibrant, calm, and mysterious one is FALL. The air is crisp and cool, and the leaves…oh my, the leaves changing colors are just gorgeous. And that’s an understatement. If you are looking to witness the beauty and fineness of fall in Eastern PA, here are my 3 favorite fun fall destinations for you to consider.

fall in Eastern PA


fall in Eastern PA

If you are new to Eastern Pennsylvania, let me introduce you to the finest little piece of gorgeous farm land known as Bucks County. There are so many interesting places to visit here, but today I’ll focus just on one.

New Hope is a small quaint town located about an hour away from Philadelphia. Leisurely train rides run between New Hope and neighboring Lahaska, which can be a fun attraction for kids. Gourmet restaurants of many different cuisines and price points offer a variety of dining options. Many fun specialty shops invite you to tickle your curiosity with their interesting and unique merchandise. And of course, worth a mention is the New Hope Playhouse if you wanted to have a night of culture and catch a show.

fall in Eastern PA

New Hope is also located right next to the Delaware Canal State Park if you wanted to take a picturesque fall walk or a bike ride. You can even cross the bridge over the canal and officially step from Pennsylvania to New Jersey and back! The kids always get a kick out of it!


fall in Eastern PA

This little gem is hidden in the Pocono Mountains and is a truly delightful surprise to its visitors. Located in Carbon county, Jim Thorpe is only 1,5 hours away from Philly. At a first glance, you think it’s just another small Eastern PA town in the mountains. But as you take your turn into town, a beautiful view of the clock tower and the old red brick building surrounded by majestic mountains simply takes your breath away.

fall in Eastern PA

This little town has a lot to offer for a day trip or even a week-end. First, don’t overlook a train ride over the Lehigh Gorge! It is not just for little kids!! The train ride only lasts about 40 minutes, and with the open windows in the train car, you can fully enjoy the views of the gorge and the fall mountains along with the pleasant breeze.

fall in Eastern PA

The town is fun to take a walk around and stop by little shops  and fun unique eateries for lunch, coffee, or desserts. Jim Thorpe is known for its coal mines, so if you are interested, you can visit Mauch Chunk Museum and the Cultural Center to learn more about its history. Want to catch a show? Check out a Mauch Chink Opera House or Penn’s Peek for upcoming concerts and plays.

fall in Eastern PA

A very popular attraction in town is its Bike Rentals and Bike Rides along the Lehigh Gorge. Once you rent your bikes at the Bike Shop, they will shuttle you to the top of the trail, and you ride back to town with a slight decline. You will have a river on one side of your trail and a few waterfalls along the way on the other. You can also drive a few miles outside of town and hike the beautiful Pocono Mountain trails. The views and overlooks will stun you with the beautiful leaf colors on the mountain sides. What a beautiful place it is to see fall in Eastern PA!


fall in Eastern PA

Lancaster is located a little further to the West than what we would typically consider an Eastern PA. But it’s still relatively close to Philly (1,5 hours) and makes for a fun little place to visit in the fall. The first thing we tend to think of when talking about Lancaster is the Amish community and, in general, COUNTRY! But Lancaster is so much more than that.

First of all, I’ll admit, it is indeed located in the beautiful countryside of Lancaster county. It’s famous for its dairy products, handmade furniture, homemade recipes, and a simpler way of living. If you want to experience the good ol’ country life, you will find many options to tour the Amish households and take rides in infamous buggies. This is so fun for kids, as they get to witness how many household things, like milking a cow or mending your clothes, get done by hand.

fall in Eastern PAfall in Eastern PA

If you drive into town, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with its hip and modern vibe. The Central Market alone will leave you feeling kind of “tipsy” with all the smells and sights of delicious foods and goods. It’s a perfect place to escape the occasional autumn winds and showers. Instead, you can stroll the rows upon rows of fine Lancaster’s finest products.

fall in Eastern PA

Downtown is also great for walking in the cooler weather. There are many fun shops and eateries to stop at along the way. And if you want more mainstream shopping, the outlets are just a couple of miles away.

The Sight and Sound Theatre is perfect for taking in a spectacular Biblical themed show. It’s a wonderful experience for both adults and kids alike!

SO here you have it, three great destinations to choose from to visit this fall in Eastern PA. All 3 locations host various Fall Festivals each year. So you might want to plan your visit around those to partake in even more fall fun activities. Whatever you choose, may you have a memorable and fun time. If you do, report back and comment, I’d love to hear about your adventures.


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