Before we had children, I never saw myself as the one celebrating Halloween. Or more, creating homemade Halloween costumes for kids. I was never into skeletons and all the gory stuff that typically comes with Halloween. I also used to cringe at the thought of having to open the door every 5 minutes on a cold night to give out candy to overly hyper kids.

Well…Fast-forward to when our first born son turned 3 and began asking questions about costumes. At his pre-school at the time, they had a very cute little costume parade for all the kids and parents to come and see. We could opt out, of course. But, seeing the excited face of my sparkly-eyed toddler when he talked about his ideas and the possibilities of costumes, just might have softened my heart to the idea.

Homemade Halloween Costumes for kids

What started as a “let’s give it a try at making our own” costume of a clown for that happy 3 year old had actually turned into a fun tradition. Coming up with homemade Halloween costumes for kids that are unique and also reflect their interest (or rather current obsession, haha) of a particular subject or character at the time is a fun creative challenge that I now love, I’ll admit.

Homemade Halloween costumes for kids

Take a look at a few homemade Halloween Costumes for kids I created over the years and maybe be inspired to create your own this year, too!

My favorite homemade Halloween costumes for kids:


Homemade Halloween costumes for kids

The very first costume I ever made was my son’s Clown Costume. I used a pattern I bought at Walmart and somehow figured out how to scale it correctly and how to use my brand new sewing machine at the same time! I still remember the thrill of choosing all the fabric and ribbon at the store. And then came scheming up details and embellishments, which made it even more exciting. We bought the wig and drew some fun details on my son’s face with some washable markers. To make the clown hat, I wrapped and glued the fabric around a simple birthday party hat, hiding the edges inside. The elastic under my son’s chin helped to keep it on all night. I then attached 2 jingle bells to the top of the hat for some noisy whimsy. My son absolutely loved his fun costume, and seeing his happy smiling face was my biggest reward.

2.Leia and R2D2

Homemade Halloween costumes for kids

My all-time-favorite homemade Halloween costumes we made for our kids are the infamous Princess Leia and R2D2!! I say infamous because the above photo of them usually ranks as number 1 image search for “Leia and R2d2 kids Halloween costume” on Google all of October. It all started with my hubby submitting their costumes that year to the Costume-works website and ultimately winning 3rdplace! We put together these costumes in record time of less than 1 week! It was a fun challenge to make these costumes, and we had a blast going out trick-or-tricking with our beeping R2D2 and a very excited Leia! I plan to make a tutorial and link it up here when it’s live.

3. Woody and Jesse

Homemade Halloween costumes for kids

Toy Story era in our house was sweet and memorable. We had a Toy Story themed birthday party, adored the movies, and still have multiple toys in our kids’ rooms. It was only natural that both our son and daughter that year wanted to dress up as their favorite Toy Story characters, Jesse and Woody. These Toy Story homemade Halloween costumes for kids are easy to implement from the things you already own and a few fun accessories. I think they make a dashing pair, don’t you? I will link a tutorial when it’s ready.

4. Anakin Skywalker (from Episode 2)

Homemade Halloween costumes for kids   Homemade Halloween costumes for kids

As obsession with Star Wars continued, my son desperately wanted to be Anakin one year, of course. The only pre-made items in this costumes were the pants with sewn on faux boots that I scored at the thrift store and a plastic lightsaber from Target. The rest of the costume was made from a various clothing items trimmed and taken in for my son’s frame. I made the Anakin’s robe from brown fabric (tutorial coming soon). And I bought his Padawan braid at Walmart in the hair accessories department. It has a little comb clip that attached securely to my son’s hair and stayed on all night. Although his sweet face matched Ani from Episode 1 a lot more, I think he made a terrific young Padawan Aniken Skywalker. Just look at his fierce poses!

5. Boba Fett’s Jetpack

Homemade Halloween costumes for kids

Following her brother’s footsteps, my daughter took a liking to Star Wars characters. It was the year Disney’s Frozen came out,  and every other little girl was dressed up as Queen Elsa for Halloween. Our little rebel dressed up as Bobba Fett. Gotta love her adventurous spirit and a desire to stand out! We had a costume on hand from our dress-up collection, but what were lacking was the jetpack. So I set out to make our won. Plastic bottles, paper cups, cardboard, some felt, spray paint, and a glue gun was all it took to make it a sharp looking jetpack for our little Bobba. This was not a full homemade Halloween costume, but just an accessory.


Homemade Halloween costumes for kids

By far, one of the most darling homemade Halloween costumes I have made was Fawn, a fairy from Dinsey’s “Tinker Bell and The Legend of the Neverbeast”. I technically made 2 costumes: one of Fawn for my daughter and one of Gruff for her Penn State pillow pet. The top of Fawn’s costume was made out of an orange scarf I got at a thrift store! I made the skirt out of different types of fabric, cut in the shape of long petals. We bought the fairy wings at a Disney store and these awesome fake bangs on Amazon. My daughter wanted to stay as true to the character as possible! I made Gruff’s costume out of white felt and then drew his fur patterns and face with a sharpie. Fawn and Gruff looked simply adorable together.

7. Han Solo

Homemade Halloween costumes for kids

The Star Wars fandom is strong in this household! And who is at the same time the most hated and loved character of the original trilogy? No, not C3PO, though he might be in the running, haha. It’s the shady smuggler with a dry sarcastic sense of humor  and a deeply hidden soft heart, incomparable Han Solo. My son was excited to dress up as his favorite scoundrel. He even got his smoldering look nailed, haha! For this costume, I used blue uniform pants with a red ribbon sewn onto them. I also used a white long sleeve polo shirt and rain boots we already owned. Han Solo’s vest was a thrifted faux leather jacket with the sleeves cut off. I then cut and hemmed the bottom a little bit to fit my son’s body better. The centerpiece of his costume was, of course, the belted holster. I used a pleather fabric, a piece of soft wood from the craft store for the buckle, and some grommets. I think he looks just like Han Solo, the scruffy-looking Nerherder!

8. Ewoks

Homemade Halloween costumes for kids

Last year’s our homemade Halloween costumes were yet again Star Wars inspired. Both of our kids were really into The Return of The Jedi, and so we went with the Ewoks costumes. My son was Wicket, and my daughter was just “a fierce Ewok fighter without a name”, haha. I used a shortcut and bought brown bear onesies, which, as an added bonus, can be used as cozy PJs later. We cut off the tails and then made hoods/headpieces from fabric. “Hairy” make up only added to the whole image of two raggedy ewoks running around and causing havoc in the woods.


I have to admit that now, to my surprise and also delight, one of the highlights at the end of October is definitely a night of trick-or-treating. I love creating our homemade Halloween costumes for kids and sending them off around the neighborhood for some goodies with my hubby. And I have definitely grown to love opening our doors to see all the excited neighborhood kids dressed up in their cool costumes.

Can’t wait for this year’s epic night of costumes and candy!



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