Simple Fall Dates are made of just that: simple living, homemade foods, and maybe a little bit of fall magic that encompasses all its delicious smells and magnificent colors.

There is definitely something about Fall that just sparks romance in everything we see and feel. Don’t you agree? Beautiful views and changing colors that beg you to go outdoors. Cool air that encourages snuggles and cozy fires.

Simple Fall Dates

Having been married for a few years and having a couple of kids definitely can throw couples off their game a bit, and so you’ll need to be a little creative to keep the romance going. And the beautiful fall is just the season to enjoy a few simple fall dates.


Simple Fall Dates


Who said that picnics are only for summer? A beautiful fall day is a wonderful reason to get outside with a blanket and warm soup or hot sandwiches to keep you warm in the breezy fall weather. Take a walk in the park afterwards, while crunching the leaves under your feet, and have a simple conversation. Going on a picnic is a great way to get out of the usual 4 walls for lunch or dinner and get into the nature, even in the city.

Fall Festivals

Fall is definitely one of the busiest seasons of various festivals: Apple Picking, Pumpkin Patches, Hay Rides, Corn Mazes, Pie Eating competitions. There is so much to see and do, and so, it becomes a perfect destination for a simple fall date. Simply walk around the farm and festival tents, taste samples of fall food, or make a craft, if that’s your thing. But most importantly, enjoy each other’s company!

Movie Night at home

I have to mention one of the old classic dates that work in any season—simple a movie at home. You can choose a fall themed movie, be it a spooky one, a chick flick, or a fantasy. Add a fall themed snack, like Corn candy trail mix or Pumpkin Cookies, get your cozy warm socks on, light some candles or a fireplace, dim the lights, and put that movie on. If you don’t want to leave the house, then fully enjoy the closeness and convenience of your own home.

Baseball/Football game

If you or your significant other is a sports fan, a super fun way to spend some time together is to go the game! Nothing compares to cheering for your team as a crowd of similar minded fans. You will enjoy the fresh air and the concession stand snacks while bonding over your favorite sport.


One of my favorite ways to spend time with my hubby is to go hiking. Any season is great, so don’t be discouraged that the sunny warm days are over, and so is your hiking for the season. We even went hiking when it was snowing, and it was still fun and memorable. Choose simpler trails to avoid slipping and falling if it’s been raining. But if the weather is dry and warm, head to the top of the mountain to enjoy a beautiful view of the changing leaves.

Bonfire in the backyard

Crisp chilly nights just beg for some warm roaring fire. If you don’t have a fireplace in your house, then take the fire outdoors! Just a few logs in a fire pit will light up your night with romance and feeling close and warm. Sip some cider or hot chocolate, have a quiet conversation, play the guitar and sing. Or just sit quietly next to each other, looking at the fire and enjoy a peaceful night.

Day trip

If you want to get out of your usual surroundings, then going on a day trip to a town in the neighboring county can just do the trick. Check out local bookstores, coffee/tea shops, galleries, or a museum. Choose a location with good walking and dining opportunities, so you can enjoy a leisurely day in a small town. Sometimes the best gems are hidden in these small towns. For example, an art class at a small gallery or an appetizer happy hour at a local pub. Take a chance on a small town for your simple fall date and experience something new and unusual. Read my post “Fall in Eastern PA: 3 Places to Visit” to see what day trips you can take if you are ever in this area.

Taking a drive

If going out for a whole day is not an option, then try going on a scenic drive instead. Amazing bright colors of the changing leaves and the roads covered with them make a beautiful view for a slow-paced ride. Grab some coffee or hot chocolate at your local coffee shop, pack a few snacks, and go on a drive. Choose picturesque back roads for your drive and maybe plan a stop at a local farm stand for some yummy goodies. Covered bridges, state parks, country side—all are beautiful options for your simple fall date in a car.

I hope these simple fall dates have inspired you to take action and go on a date with your Honey. Truly, spending time together in any season doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming. You can choose to do one thing or all of them this fall. As long as you connect with each other and take time to enjoy the world around you, you will have fun this fall!

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