This Christmas, Give The Gift of Time

The best gift to anyone is surprisingly The Gift of Time!

We live in a world of consumerism, often believing that in order to feel satisfied and happy, we need more and more of…stuff. But at the end of the day, if you ask yourself, “what would you love to have more of”, the answer will almost always be “I wish I had more…time”.

As I’m starting to think about gift-giving this season, I’m coming to realize that the best gift we can offer has to be TIME. Things are nice. And nice things are even nicer. And sometimes we do need things in our lives. But, inadvertently, things wear out, break, get lost, are put away, or get forgotten in the back of our closets (ask me how I know)… But TIME, especially if you share it with someone, is a kind of gift that keeps on giving because it now becomes an experience!!! It leaves an impression on your heart and becomes a lasting memory for the giver and receiver alike.




I know it might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but let me tell you how thoughtful this gift is to new parents!! Not only are you providing a way for the new parents to get away for a couple of hours. You are also giving a gift of YOU and your time to the child. Whether it’s a relative or a close friend, you will be bonding and nurturing a relationship with a youngster. I still remember when we were very young parents, my sister-in-law gave us a gift for Christmas with a gift card to a local restaurant and a certificate for babysitting. It was thoughtful and so much appreciated!! We didn’t know how much we needed until it was presented to us. My husband and I had a lovely time out in adult company, and my sister-in-law gave her time and love to her nephew.

Here is a lovely FREE Printable for a babysitting coupon!


What better way to give time as your gift than to spend time together at an event that you both enjoy? This can be as simple as movie tickets or as fancy as a rock concert or ballet. You will be spending that precious time together and making memories!

Other gift of time ideas that include tickets are:

3. A TRIP WITH A FRIEND (or a kid)

Giving a trip as a gift to someone means you will be spending a whole lot of time together! We don’t often think about these things and how nice it is to get away together. Especially when YOU get invited to go on a trip with all details covered!

I still think of my trip to Lancaster with my sister-in-law as one of the most fun and relaxing times! A hotel stay for the night was a gift from her, and it allowed us to spend a long week-end together exploring that fun town.

You can go on an overnight trip to the nearby city or go camping, for example. Possibilities are endless. It all depends on what you and the person you are thinking about are into.

Day trips are also wonderful options for the gift of time as well!

A day at the beach, a hiking adventure, exploring a new state or town, going to a museum, art gallery, seeing a play or a show, festivals, etc.

If you are in Pennsylvania, this post “Fall in Eastern PA: 3 Places to Visit” will give you some ideas on where to go for a day trip.

Depending on what’s in your budget, you can gift a stay at the hotel or transportation and dinner. But most valuable of all is giving people your time that you will spend with them.

Want some help planning a girlfriend trip? Read my post “Girls’ Getaway How To”.


This gift of time doesn’t necessarily mean you will be giving YOUR time as a gift. It will be more like giving to someone a gift of time to spend on bettering themselves, improving or learning new skills, or empowering their passions. You are still giving time, just his time it’s time for education on their own.

Example of Classes For Them as a gift of time are:

  • Dance lessons
  • Karate Class
  • Little League Season/Soccer season fee
  • Sports Clinic
  • Piano lessons (or any other instrument your loved one wants to learn)
  • Horseback Riding lessons
  • Photography class
  • etc.


Back to fun ways to give time as a gift—taking a class together with someone! You might be learning a new skill together or perfecting an existing one. Or maybe you just want to go out and try something completely new and different together!

Ideas for Classes Together as the gift of time are:


Giving a membership to a Museum, Botanical garden, Zoo/Aquarium, National parks, Ice Rink, Boat Rentals, etc. is a way to feed someone’s soul. You will be giving them a gift of time at their favorite places, the time they can spend by themselves or with others.


If the receiver likes to write, giving them a beautiful journal, perhaps even personalized, is a splendid idea of encouraging their alone time. This becomes a gift of time for searching, reflection, and finding peace through spending time alone.

This Give Me Jesus Journal is an excellent idea for a Christian friend.

And this beautiful 52 Weeks for Happiness Journal will bring balance and joy to whomever you will gift it.


This idea for the gift of time goes hand in hand with the idea of a journal. Again, by gifting books, you will be encouraging your loved one to spend time alone, but…you are never really alone when you are lost on a good book! You are adventuring in your imaginations!

Check out Amazon and Audible for great book options.


I saved the most obvious and popular idea of giving the gift of time for last. Send out your loved one or a friend out for some pampering. Gift certificates to a hair salon, massage place, mani-pedi, reflexology, etc. are wonderful ways to give a gift of time to someone, especially if they have been neglecting their self-care.


If you are looking for ideas of a non-toy gift for your kid, niece or nephew, or a family friend, here are a few great examples. They will not only eliminate the clutter of all the usual toys that come home at Christmas, but they will also encourage your kid’s curiosity, critical thinking, and teach them new skills! Win-win!


This holiday season, I want us to focus more on the gifts that will leave more than a bunch of wrapping paper behind. I want to encourage you, too, to look for ways to gift your TIME to others that will leave a memory and encouragement in their hearts instead.

Also, think about giving this same gift to yourself!



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