Winter Bucket List

Winter Bucket List?? Really? What’s that? It’s a remedy for winter blues, that’s what it is!

As the confetti after a fun New Year’s Eve celebration settles, and we realize that the holidays are finally over, there usually comes a lull in our activities and mood. That’s when we pull out our craft supplies and come up with a list of fun things to do in winter!

Winter Bucket List

Inspired by our annual Summer Bucket List, our family came up with a Fall Bucket List last year, and it was a great hit! We all looked at it to see what we could do on week-ends or evenings after school, so there was no shortage of ideas.

No, we did NOT do all the things we wrote down, but it was never our intention. I have to admit that we create seasonal bucket lists simply for inspiration and as an interactive way to brainstorm ideas of fun things to do as a family.

So was the case with our Winter Bucket List this year. We all felt kinda deflated after the holiday’s high, and to boost the morale of the troops, we came up with a new list of things to do during cold winter months that seem to last forever!

If you’d like to make your own, here are the instructions!

Winter Bucket List


  • Paper (we used printer paper)
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie
  • Wooden mini cloth pins
  • A large frame with strings (optional)
  • You can attach your snowflakes to the wall, the windows, hang them from a string.
  • A piece of twine (that’s where we hang the snowflakes that have already taken place)


1.Make a list

Sit down as a family and come up with a list of things you’d like to do this winter. Some of ours were old classics, like having a snowball fight or sledding in our neighborhood. But we also came up with some new ones, like seeing the frozen waterfall! Trying a new skill like skiing or ice-skating was also on the list! We put things down that we had already planned ahead, like a trip to Montreal and a sleepover at grandparents. They didn’t include the whole family, but they were still very exciting events to look forward to.winter bucket list

Here’s our family’s Winter Bucket List for your frame of reference:

  1. Ice-skating
  2. Snowball fight
  3. Playing in the blizzard
  4. Explore the winter forest
  5. Make Snow Ice-cream
  6. Winter Blast week-end at camp (just for kids)
  7. Girl Scout Sleepover with the troop/church lockdown (me and my daughter)
  8. Magic The Gathering all-nighter at the comic book store (hubby and son)
  9. Sledding
  10. Build a snowman
  11. Make snow angels
  12. Montreal trip (just me and hubby)
  13. Sleep-over at grandparents (the kids)
  14. A fun week-end with Aunt Brenda (the kids)
  15. Laser Tag
  16. Flyers game
  17. Skiing
  18. Hot Chocolate party
  19. Valentine’s Day Fun
  20. See a frozen waterfall

2.Cut the snowflakes out of paper

Have your children help you! This was a fun activity for me and my daughter one night. We came up with different designs and patterns. Truly, not one snowflake is like the other, and we embraced it (square shapes and all)!winter bucket list

3.Write your fun winter things on the snowflakes

We simply took a sharpie and wrote our things down on available space. It can be tricky on intricate designs, but it doesn’t have to look perfect to be fun.winter bucket list

winter bucket list

my favorite one!!

4.Hang up your snowflakes to display your very own Winter Bucket List!

Find a good spot in your home that will attract your family’s attention and remind them of the fun that winter has to offer.

Winter Bucket List

Now that’s all ready, don’t forget to use it!

Other additional ideas for your Winter Bucket List

Our school’s gym teacher always sends home various ideas to stay active as a family. For winter, the list included these fun ideas:

  • shovel snow together
  • have a winter picnic in a snow fort you just built
  • go snowmobile riding
  • play ice hockey
  • catch snowflakes on your tongue
  • take the dog for a walk in the snow
If you don’t have snow:
  • take a nature walk and collect leaves, pinecones, and acorns
  • take nature photographs of animals, trees, and plants
  • have a winter picnic even without snow!
  • go out at night and for star-gazing

I hope you take some time this winter to come up with ideas that can bring a little fun during this  dreary cold season!

I guarantee it’ll make those dreary long winter days go faster and bring fun memories to your family!!

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