Ewok Valentines (FREE Printable)

If you have a Star Wars fan on our hands, then these Ewok Valentines will surely make their day! Even more than that, they will love making them with you for their friends and sharing those funny sounds the goofy Ewoks make!

My son and I were trying to come up with a homemade Valentine last year that would use a Hubba Bubba bubble gum. As we were brainstorming and humming “Hubba bubba hubba bubba” to ourselves, it occurred to us that it was so similar to the sound that Ewoks made in the Return Of The Jedi! And so the idea for Ewok Valentines was born!

Ewok Valentines

I asked my son to sketch an Ewok just so we could make a draft and visually see how to work it out into our Valentines. His drawings of Wicket were so endearing that we decided to use them instead of pictures we could find online.

Ewok Valentines

Ewok Valentines

My son is a fan of corny Valentine’s Day sayings, so we use the old classic “Roses are red” poem and make it into a Star Wars themed one instead!

I think it turned out really funny (and cute). That’s what my 4thgrader was shooting for, and so he was super happy with the results.

Ewok Valentines

If you’d like to make your own, you can download the printable PDF file and use the instructions below.

Ewoks Valentine Cards

The PDF is free for personal use only! Please, do not copy and sell without permission!

Ewok Valnetines



1. Download the FREE EWOK VALENTINE PRINTABLE  and save it onto your computer

2. Print out the FREE PDF as many times as needed (there are 3 cards per page)

3. Cut the Ewok Valentines out using scissors

4. Have your child write his/her name

Ewok Valentines

5. Attach a glue dot to the bottom of the Hubba Bubba gum.

Ewok Valentines

6. And then attach it to the empty spot on the card.

Ewok Valentines

The ZOTS glue dots stay on pretty well!!

Ewok Valentines

7. And your Ewok Valentines are ready!

Ewok Valentines

I hope you liked these silly Star Wars Valentines and will have fun making them!

If you are looking for some cat inspired Valentines, check out my post Valentine’s Day Cat Cards. I hope they put a smile on your face and help you have some fun time with your kids crafting!!

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