I’m starting a series of blog posts at the end of each month called “Things I loved” to remember and reflect on the highlights of the past month.

Do you practice reflection and gratitude? Winter months can be so dreary and monotonous that sometimes it’s hard to find one good things about them. The winter blues set in, and we get grumpy and dissatisfied. But nobody wants to feel this way. We need a little push, a little reminder that even in the darkest month, there were bright moments that cheered our soul.

things I loved in February

As the month of February is coming to its end, I want to sit down and reflect on the lovely things that made my heart happy this month.

Things I loved in February:

1. Learning to play “Cover Your Assets”

We had a fun get together with some friends and their kids at the beginning of February. It’s always good to catch up, have yummy food, and exchange parenting stories. But it’s when we decided to play a card game called “Cover Your Assets” that the real fun began!! Our oldest boys, both in 5thgrade, played with us, parents, and it turned out to be a really interesting bonding time! I hope that the boys would still think it’s cool to play board or card games with their parents when they become teenagers in a couple of years!

It was nice to relax and be a little more laid back in our conversations. We schemed, we hackled, we laughed, and we just had a blast! What a fun game! Of course, we had to get our own for our house, too. And now my hubby can’t wait for a family game night to beat us all!

2. Our week-end together 

Our kids both went to a winter week-end retreat at a local Christian camp, and so my hubby and I were HOME ALONE! Since we had just recently gotten back from our anniversary trip to Montreal, we both decided to take advantage of the empty house and stay put instead of adventuring.

We mutually agreed to spend this free from kids time working on our personal goals. Both of us are in the process of chasing our dreams right now: my hubby working on releasing his first app, and I’m pursuing the blogging gig. Of course, both of these things require time, spare time, I would add. And that is hard to come by sometimes for a busy family.

So we gave each other a full day of “spare time” to work on our dreams! It was a bliss, I tell ya! I knocked out some big blog post drafts that required more concentration and research, and the quiet house was just the ticket to get that done. My hubby accomplished his goals to meet a couple of milestones that otherwise would have taken another month. No interruptions, no noise, no schedules or bedtimes. We were productive and at the end felt that our inner souls were fed, and our ambitions weren’t neglected and pushed aside until a better time. It’s such a great feeling!

I know it’s not traditional and kind of makes you go “Huh? You did what when the kids were away?”, but hey, we knew what we needed, and it worked for us! And we even snuck in a little dinner date after we dropped the kids off at camp. All in all, a perfection of a week-end!

3. Blowing bubbles in the freezing air. 

The temperatures dropped significantly for quite a few days in February, and we were faced with some really frigid weather conditions. Thankfully, our house was warm and cozy, and that’s where we spent most of those days enjoying our Simple Chicken Noodle Soup and hot cocoa. Of course, this was a perfect opportunity to experiment with bubbles!

Ever seen those crazy videos on youtube when someone is blowing these beautiful bubbles, and they never pop in the air but instead gracefully land on the snow blanket? We were determined to try accomplish it as well! My daughter and I blew bubbles and watched them crust up into hard shells. Eventually the bubbles broke, but it wasn’t a usual “pop”. It was more of a “cracking the egg” kind of process. It was a neat science experiment!

I will also add that my hubby tried to make “snow” by throwing water up in the air when the temperatures dropped way down to the negatives after midnight. If our neighbors saw us, they probably thought we were cray cray! But it was fun!

4. Valentine’s Day fun!

Do you celebrate Valentine’s day in any capacity? We usually don’t do anything crazy. And, honestly, we only started paying more attention to this holiday because of the kids’ school parties and valentine exchanges. Reluctantly but surely we got sucked in.

But, nobody says it has to be done in a cheesy way!! We always try to come up with fun homemade Valentines and try to think outside the box. This year, my daughter is really into horses, so her Valentines were all about “horsing around”. And my son came up with a sports themed Valentine and designed it all by himself!

For breakfast we had Valentine’s doughnuts! And my Hubby and  son surprised me and my daughter with beautiful bouquets in the morning! For dinner we made our own pizzas (I made mine heart-shaped), lit some candles, and had a romantic dinner for two. The kids were our server and waitress, and it was hilarious to see them take on the roles and trying to make our dining experience as pleasant as possible. They even brought us a check at the end (complete with taxes and gratuities, haha!)

We then wrote love notes to each other and exchanged them by reading out loud. It was a lovely time of hearing some special things your loved ones wrote just for you and about you. I’m saving mine for the hard days when I need an instant reminder of just how much I’m loved!

5. Watching all the Marvel movies with hubby.

It was a whirlwind movie marathon, but it was so much fun to watch all 22 movies in close proximity! I had forgotten so many details about different characters! The next Avengers movie, The Endgame, is coming out in April. And so in January, Hubby and I decided to start re-watching all the Marvel movies from the very beginning to refresh our memory.

Here is the list of all Marvel movies in chronological order. That’s the list we used for our marathon.

One positive thing—we didn’t have to take 30 minutes to decide what movie we were in the mood, haha! We always knew what we were watching. Another positive—I’ve realized how much I love movie nights with my husband! He drives me bananas with the “ultimate calls” of the actors or composers that he just HAS to check if he’s correct right away! But I wouldn’t have it any other way. It was fun to finally finish the marathon this month, and I so look forward to the next 2 Marvel movies and our dates to go out and see them.

A new movie Captain Marvel is coming out in March!! Who else is excited???

So this wraps up my Things I loved in February list.

Things I loved in February

I’m sure there were many more than just these 5, but then my blog post would have been 5000 words long. I want to get into a habit of remembering a few simple things that made me happy in the past month, and I want to encourage you do the same, too! Slow down, reflect on the good times, smile to yourself and others more, and remember the things you loved.

What are some things YOU loved in February?


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