20+ Awesome and Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

An ultimate list of more than 20 tried and true awesome gift ideas for Father’s Day.

A Dad is someone who always supports you, teaches you right from wrong, scolds you when you break the rules, but also shines with pride when you succeed. He inspires your to reach for the stars and is there to catch you when you fall…Almost like an Iron Man, or Thor, or Spiderman…Wait, is Captain America the only Marvel superhero who doesn’t fly??

Anyway, Dad is someone who is there for you no matter what! Showing appreciation to your favorite guy in the world can be challenging. How can you impress your very own super hero??

gift ideas for Father's Day

the look on my daughter’s face is everything!

Here’s a round-up of fun gift ideas for Father’s Day can get or make. They will undoubtedly put a happy super hero smile on his face.

Awesome Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Photo gifts:

1.Photo Collage.

Gift ideas for Father's Day

One of the simplest but probably the most thoughtful gifts to make is a photo-collage. You’ve got proof in pictures of what a great dad your husband or your own dad is, and now it’s time to put it all together.

Gather all relevant pictures on your computer. If you know how to use Photoshop or Pixelmator, resize and arrange your photos into a collage. Save your file and either print it at home or take it to the nearest one-hour photo kiosk. If you are not great with photo editing software, check out sites like Shutterfly (especially Gifts section).

2. Photo Cube.

Gift Ideas for Father's Day

I got mine at Walmart, but they are also available at Amazon on Prime. This is an easy but very thoughtful gift to remind your spouse of his greatest and fun moments as a dad. Find 6 favorite photos, print, trim, and insert into the cube sides. DONE!

3. Photo card!

Gift Ideas for Father's Day

This gift is the easiest of them all! Take a cute photo of your kids, print it, cut it, and paste it on the blank card. Write a sweet message inside or have your kids leave their best  doodles notes for Dad. It can even be framed and placed on Dad’s desk!

Activity Gifts:

1.Baseball gloves and balls.

Gift Ideas for Father's Day

This is a fabulous idea for a sports loving dad to do with his kids! Make sure to know your Dad’s baseball glove size to avoid the hassle of returning your goodies (ask me how I know, ugh!). You can also get a bucket of baseballs to make the playtime easier. What better time spent than being outside and teaching your kiddos the basics of the America’s favorite pastime!


The idea is similar—getting your kids and their dad toss the ball outside and have a fun game of tackle at the end!

3. Fishing rods and equipment!

Gift Ideas for Father's Day

If the dad in your life is an outdoorsy type, who knows a thing or two about fishing, he will be thrilled to pass on the knowledge to his younglings. Get fishing rods for the kiddos and a tackle box for Dad filled with surprise bait: sweet goodies for your man. If your state requires a fishing license, research requirements and possibly get it ahead of time.

4. A store-bough kite or a kit to create one.

Gift Ideas for Father's Day

What could be more fun than running on the shore line and flying your kite?? Old school fun and hours of entertainment. Perfect activity for dad and the kids. Want to build your own? Check out KiteKits.com

5. Paint with us Bird Feeder.

Gift Ideas for Father's Day

If your Dad is a nature lover, he will definitely enjoy this activity with the kids. Get a plain wood bird feeder (I got mine at Walmart for $5), a few tubes of paint, paint brushes, and some birdseed to fill the finished project. After it’s all done, hang your bird feeder outside, sit back, and enjoy observing all the beautiful birds on your neighborhood.

6. Lightsaber.

Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Now this is a gift for a true Star Wars fan! Surprise your Dad with his very own lightsaber to have duels with his padawans. I can’t tell you how many lightsaber fights we have had in our house to date, and all of them ended in a lot of laughter and great memories.

7. Tickets to a sporting event.

Gift Ideas for Father's Day

One of the most popular gift ideas for Father’s Days is taking your old man to a game of his favorite sport. For extra bonus points, use creativity to wrap your gift and disguise what’s in it. For baseball tickets, try hiding them in a bag of peanuts, like in the picture above.

DIY Gifts:

1.Simple Father’s Day Tie Craft.

Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Have a few hours on your hands? This super adorable and simple Father’s Day Tie Craft will surely put a smile on any Dad’s face as he reads sweet statements about him and admires the artwork. Read more about it here.

2. Map T-shirt.

Gift Ideas for Father's Day

I’m sure you have seen lots of variations of this ingenious and equally cute idea. We customized ours with a map of our favorite places around our little town. Kids get to pay cars and trains, and Dads get to get free “wheelly” weird back massage. Hehe.

3. “All About My Dad” Book.

Gift Ideas for Father's Day

This is a bit more work, but in the end, it will turn out to be a brilliant collection of the kids’ thoughts and reflections about their dad. You can also make a similar book about a Grandpa.

We got our printable from Eighteen25. What a fun project!

Print out the files and fill them out with your children. This can be done in one day or over the course of a week, depending on your kids’ ages. We put our papers into the sheet protectors and then — into a small binder. A keepsake for sure!

4. Dad’s Stache.

Gift Ideas for Father's Day

This is a super simple craft. Just fill a brown paper bag or a jar with Dad’s favorite snacks. The bag is off-limits to the rest of the family—Dad’s Stash only! 🙂 I found this free Dad’s Stache printable at AliceWingerden.com

5. Personalized Post-It block.

Gift Ideas for Father's Day

If you run short on time, decorating a  Post-It block is one of those gift ideas for Father’s Day that looks both personal and sort of crafty! Get a block of sticky notes or just regular notes and decorate the sides with a drawing or a saying.

6. “You Rock” rock.

Gift Ideas for Father's Day

You know how the kindness rocks are all the rage now? Well, you can make and hide one just for your Dad to find! Or you you can give it to him to use as a decor or paperweight in his office. You can also use stickers, gems, and other craft supplies. One year, my kids were seriously into stickers, and so Grandpa Rocks craft was the perfect expression of their love for him. It’s a very easy and fun afternoon activity.

7. Tissue Box.

Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Get a plain wood tissue box cover from a craft store or Amazon. Have your child go nuts with painting and expressing him/herself through making up designs. My kids divided the sides between the two of them, and you can definitely spot my son’s and daughter’s distinctive artistic work by looking at each angle of this tissue box. Great addition to Dad’s office or night stand.


Here’s my list of book recommendations for Father’s day gifts from what we have and love.

1.“I Love You, Daddy” by Jillian Harker.

A beautiful book for preschool age children.

Gift Ideas for Father's Day

2. “Darth Vader and Son” and “Vader’s Little Princess” by Jeffery Brown.

Without a doubt, these are my kids’ favorite books, and they were the top choice for bedtime stories with Dad for many years to this day.Gift Ideas for Father's Day

3. “Geek Dad” by Ken Denmead.

Many geeky projects for dads to do with kids. From Cable Wreath to Never-ending Demolition Derby, this book s full of very cool very geeky projects for dads to do with their kids. The only drawback is that this book is lacking photos of the finished projects except for a few drawings. So I would say this book is more appropriate to make projects with older school aged children who can use their imagination.Gift Ideas for Father's Day

4.“Dad’s Book Of Awesome Projects” by Mike Adamick.

This is truly an awesome book of more than 25 themed projects. This book is more generic and covers a lot of different interests: building, gardening, cooking, sewing, crafting, etc. It’s full of colorful illustrations for your projects, and the instructions are clear and easy. Duct tape wallet? It’s here! Homemade Ice-cream?  You betcha! DIY Bow and arrow? You got it!Gift Ideas for Father's Day

5.“Gone Fishing” by Tamera Will Wisinger.

This is a really fun book, a gem for a literary fan. It is “a novel in verse”, as the description says on the cover. This book is written in a poem format, and each character in the book (Dad, Sam, and his sister Lucy) all take turns to tell a story.  It went perfectly with a Fishing gift mentioned above under Activity Gifts. It’s humorous and fun. It was especially fun for our family, as our own family’s little sister’s name is Lucy! It’s always so thrilling to read a book out-loud and hear your name, isn’t it? You might also want to check out a new book “Gone Camping” by the same author.

Gift Idea for Father's Day



There are many ways to celebrate and show appreciation to the Dad in your life. Some are easy and uncomplicated like a craft or a handmade card. And others are more involved and organized like a day at the ballpark or barber shop outing. Whatever you decide to do for your father, remember, most of all they appreciate a simple “love you” and “thank you” and a tight hug from his favorite people. Hope this guide to some awesome and thoughtful gift ideas for Father’s Day was helpful and inspiring! If you have done any of these gift ideas, leave a comment, I’d love to know how it worked out.

Happy Father’s Day!

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