13 Cool, Easy, and Fun Water Games to Play This Summer

A helpful list of 13 Summer Water Activities for Families

We are in thick of summer right now, and you can feel the heat wave coming at us any day now. While spring and fall van be pretty amazing here in PA, summers are usually hot and humid. You can only stay in a cool house for so long before the boredom sets in, and you can almost hear the bright, warm, friendly sunshine calling your name to come play outside!

Well, in these hot temperatures you gotta know how to stay cool, and, as it usually goes in summers, stay wet, too! If you are having a hot summer and desperate for some cool, easy, fun ideas for summer water activities, read on!

summer water activities

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Irresistibly refreshing, crunchy, and sugar-free Summer Coleslaw

Sugar-Free Coleslaw recipe–a crowd and picnic favorite.

Burgers and chips, again? Ugh. That might work fine for a quick bite to eat here and there, but, honestly, it gets boooring really quickly. Want a little somethin’-somethin’ on your dinner plate? Maybe a little something crunchy, juicy, and flavorful? Or a little something with a fun color on your dinner plate that’s so exciting to look at? Or maybe both? Well, then you absolutely need to add this Summer Sugar-free Coleslaw to your summer menu, pronto!

Make your next dinner or picnic more exciting and colorful with this easy and, to those who care, sugar-free, Summer Coleslaw.

sugar-free Coleslaw

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