13 Cool, Easy, and Fun Water Games to Play This Summer

A helpful list of 13 Summer Water Activities for Families

We are in thick of summer right now, and you can feel the heat wave coming at us any day now. While spring and fall van be pretty amazing here in PA, summers are usually hot and humid. You can only stay in a cool house for so long before the boredom sets in, and you can almost hear the bright, warm, friendly sunshine calling your name to come play outside!

Well, in these hot temperatures you gotta know how to stay cool, and, as it usually goes in summers, stay wet, too! If you are having a hot summer and desperate for some cool, easy, fun ideas for summer water activities, read on!

summer water activities

13 Summer Water Activities:


summer water activities

The first word that comes to mind when we say “summer water fun” is…the pool! Whether it’s the community pool, your own in-ground/above the ground pool, or even a little blow up pool, it all comes down to one thing–having fun swimming, splashing, and…cannon balls!

2. Sprinkler

summer water activities     summer water activities

If you don’t feel like setting up the whole pool, which may seem like a chore sometime, hook up a sprinkler and let the kiddos run through and have fun. Don’t have a sprinkler? Eh, jusT use a garden hose and spray the kids just for fun. Who doesn’t love a good scream and running for your life through the yard all soaked, haha?

3. Slip-n-slide

summer water activities

I believe Slip-n-slides were invented by some genius for a good comedic relief. You cannot watch kids going on the slip-n-slide and making a big splash while awkwardly stumbling, slipping, and falling without giggling or downright LOL-ing. It’s even funnier when their daddy or mom go on it! That’s when nobody can stop the laughter!

4. Water blob

summer water activities

The craze of water blobs came around about 6-7 years ago, and it’s such an ingenious and thrifty idea. It may not last you a whole afternoon, if your kids play rough and tumble hard, like mine did. But it sure made their morning fun and very exciting to explore what they can do on it for a couple of hours.

All you need is a plastic drop cloth, duct tape, and…water!

5. water table

If you own a little nifty water table, then you are in for a treat! What could be more fun than hours of splashing, pouring, and dumping! If you don’t own a water table, don’t fret! Just get a bucket or two filled with water, like we did, and put some boats and other bath toys in there. Your kids’ imagination will take care of the rest.

Another option: fill a Rubbermaid container with water and put it on the ground or little table outside. Honestly, same kind of fun!

6. “Tea” Party outside

summer water activities

Do you have a tea party lover in your family? Well, you can take your tea party outside in the summer! Set up your set, have a bucket of water nearby and serve the best tea in the neighborhood to your toys, siblings, or parents. Optional treats: flowers, acorns, rocks. That has to be one of my favorite summer water activities, just saying 🙂

7. Mud kitchen

summer water activities

We may not have had a water table, but we did have an awesome kitchen sink set for a couple of years. It allowed to mix dirt, have a faucet with some “running” water, and a few accessories to make delicious mud pies. We added a few old bowls, pots, measuring spoons, and ice-trays to our “summer kitchen”, and the possibilities for the menu were endless.

You do not need to have a kitchen set to have this kind of messy water fun. Just a bowl of water, some dirt if you choose, and a few old utensils you no longer use.

8. Water balloon fight

summer water activities

This is another classic of summer water activities! If you haven’t ad at least one water balloon fight/smash, did you even summer fun at all?? I highly recommend this brand of water balloons as the process of filling them up is 10 times faster than the old-fashioned way. Have a BIG tub of water balloons ready because they are fun, but they go so fast, and before you know it, the fight is over.

9. Water balloon toss

summer water activities

Now, if you are into a more peaceful type of water balloon fun, try a Water Balloon Toss. You can make the holders by using used water or milk jugs, cutting off the bottom, and sealing the edges with duct tape. To play, just take a water balloon, place it in your holder and toss it to your partner, who has to catch it in his/her jug holder and toss it back to you. If he/she misses, they get wet!

10. Wet Sponge target throw

summer water activities

There’s really nothing to explain to this activity. It’s pretty basic, yet still totally fun. Draw some targets with chalk on the driveway, get your different colored sponges wet, and toss them toward the targets to see who gets the bull’s eye. Once the targets have been erased by water, draw new ones, and keep going.

11. Water squirt/gun target shooting

summer water activities

water gun game

Draw targets with regular markers on coffee filters and hang them on the fence. By shooting water from your squirt or gun, you’ll be dissolving the ink on the paper and actually creating a cool looking marker “tie-dye” art. Coffee filters work great for this activity. Their very thin paper is easy to get wet and then to react with the ink. Use different colors for your targets to create unique patterns.

12. “Painting” with water

Seriously, this idea is so simple but also incredibly intriguing to kids. It may seem silly at first, but it is a truly engaging summer water activity.

summer water activities summer water activities

I found this water activity by accident after giving my kids a bag of old utensils to play with outside with water. One of the things in the bag was an old butter brush I used for baking.

I looked out the window and saw my daughter dipping that little brush into the water and meticulously painting our fence with water. She went on and on until the end of the fence, and by the time she was finished, the beginning of the fence dried, and without batting an eye, she started over.

It was absolutely fascinating to her how water changed the color of the wood and disappeared so quickly at the same time. The next day I got my kids nice big painting brushes, and they were unstoppable! If you haven’t tried it, do it now! You’ll get to catch your breath and maybe even prep dinner! Win, win!

13. Science experiments

If all fails, and all the old water tricks stop working, go to science! Do one station or a couple, and have some fun while learning about science.

Option 1:

summer water activities

Take a few small toys, put them into Tupperware containers or paper/plastic cups, fill with water, and freeze. The next day, set up a table with “trapped” toys, a bowl of cold water, hot water, table salt, kosher salt, rock salt, sugar, vinegar, and anything else safe that you think kids might suggest using as a “melting” method. Use spoons and syringes to apply each element to the piece of ice and see which works the best to melt the ice and free the toy. Record your conclusions and repeat as many times as you want.

Option 2:

water experiment

Set up a plate of skittles, all laid out on the edges of the plate (in a circle or square, depending on your plate’s shape), add just a little bit of water to the plate of candy, and watch them release the color in a very cool pattern. Bonus: snacking on a few candy pieces while watching. 🙂

summer water games

I hope these ideas will help you survive the heat of the summer and provide you with hours of wet fun!

Need more ideas? This post 25+ Water Play Activities for Kids in the Backyard by Jackie at Happy Hooligans is chock full of great water pay ideas.

Want more fun ideas of what do outdoors this summer? Check out 25 Fun Summer Outdoor Activities To Do This Week-end.    

Please, leave a comment and let me know what your favorite summer water activity is! I’m curious to know!

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