Bushkill Falls Family Hike: 10 Things You Need To Know

Bushkill Falls Hike: a review and helpful tips for families.

As we pulled into a huge parking lot at Bushkill Falls, my son looked around and noticed the license plate on the car next to us. “Wow, Virginia!” We looked around some more and noticed Delaware and New York.

“I can’t believe people came from  that far away to Pennsylvania to see the waterfalls.”, my son remarked.

It may stump you for a second, but if you look at the map, it really isn’t that bad of drive! Bushkill Falls Park is only 2-2,5 hrs away from Delaware, under 2 hrs from New York, and yes, a little further for Virginia (4,5 hrs), but still pretty doable. Why not spend just a few hours and come to Pennsylvania to enjoy the views of gorgeous waterfalls on a beautiful summer day? This definitely beats the trip to the border with Canada to see the Niagara Falls if you are short on time.

If you live in Eastern PA, this Bushkill Falls hike is definitely a must try for you!

What makes a Bushkill Falls hike a perfect day trip?

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13 Cool, Easy, and Fun Water Games to Play This Summer

A helpful list of 13 Summer Water Activities for Families

We are in thick of summer right now, and you can feel the heat wave coming at us any day now. While spring and fall van be pretty amazing here in PA, summers are usually hot and humid. You can only stay in a cool house for so long before the boredom sets in, and you can almost hear the bright, warm, friendly sunshine calling your name to come play outside!

Well, in these hot temperatures you gotta know how to stay cool, and, as it usually goes in summers, stay wet, too! If you are having a hot summer and desperate for some cool, easy, fun ideas for summer water activities, read on!

summer water activities

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25 Fun Summer Outdoor Activities To Do This Weekend

A list of 25 fun outdoor summer activities you can do with your kids this week-end.

The sunshine is finally here, calling your names with its warm soft touch on your skin, the light breeze is so inviting to venture outside, and the incessant “I don’t know what to dooo-hooo-hooo…” is literally pushing you out the door in summertime. It’s the perfect way to get some exercise, get those bored wiggles out, and get plenty of vitamin D in all its natural glory!

Here’s a list of easy family friendly ideas for outdoor summer activities you can do this week-end.summer outdoor activities

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Summer Journal and how to Make It Easy for Kids

5 Simple Things to remember when starting a summer journal with kids.

One night, as we were settling into bedtime routine, my son was going through the book choices to read. His fingers were running though the backs of the well-worn-out bindings…

”No. No…no? No.” Nothing seemed to satisfy his bedtime mood, until…Until he saw his Summer Journal on the shelf.

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Apple Stamp DIY Teacher Appreciation Card

This Apple Stamp DIY Appreciation Card is just the craft for you and your little buddy to show appreciation to your teacher this year. Ever feel like you just want to do something a little extra special for your child’s teacher, but all the ideas have been done before? That’s how I felt one year, when my kids were both in preschool. They only attended preschool 2 days a week, so the rest of the time we played and crafted at home.

apple stamp teacher appreciation card

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I’m starting a series of blog posts at the end of each month called “Things I loved” to remember and reflect on the highlights of the past month.

Do you practice reflection and gratitude? Winter months can be so dreary and monotonous that sometimes it’s hard to find one good things about them. The winter blues set in, and we get grumpy and dissatisfied. But nobody wants to feel this way. We need a little push, a little reminder that even in the darkest month, there were bright moments that cheered our soul.

things I loved in February

As the month of February is coming to its end, I want to sit down and reflect on the lovely things that made my heart happy this month.

Things I loved in February:

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Ewok Valentines (FREE Printable)

If you have a Star Wars fan on our hands, then these Ewok Valentines will surely make their day! Even more than that, they will love making them with you for their friends and sharing those funny sounds the goofy Ewoks make!

My son and I were trying to come up with a homemade Valentine last year that would use a Hubba Bubba bubble gum. As we were brainstorming and humming “Hubba bubba hubba bubba” to ourselves, it occurred to us that it was so similar to the sound that Ewoks made in the Return Of The Jedi! And so the idea for Ewok Valentines was born!

Ewok Valentines

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Winter Bucket List

Winter Bucket List?? Really? What’s that? It’s a remedy for winter blues, that’s what it is!

As the confetti after a fun New Year’s Eve celebration settles, and we realize that the holidays are finally over, there usually comes a lull in our activities and mood. That’s when we pull out our craft supplies and come up with a list of fun things to do in winter!

Winter Bucket List

Inspired by our annual Summer Bucket List, our family came up with a Fall Bucket List last year, and it was a great hit! We all looked at it to see what we could do on week-ends or evenings after school, so there was no shortage of ideas.

No, we did NOT do all the things we wrote down, but it was never our intention. I have to admit that we create seasonal bucket lists simply for inspiration and as an interactive way to brainstorm ideas of fun things to do as a family.

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New Beginnings

Hello, 2019!!

The beginning of the year is always filled with so much potential and promise. Just as I open the pages of my new planner, this new year opens the doors to new possibilities and new adventures. Empty pages are exciting and oh so inviting to write down your new ideas and plans, aren’t they?

I say “ideas and plans” intentionally. I stink at resolutions, and so it never really appeals to me to make big promises. Honestly, I much rather prefer thinking about it in terms of having an “IDEA” and then coming up with a “PLAN” to execute it. Setting simple smaller goals and working toward them throughout the year sounds much more appealing to me. I guess I just really like simplicity but with a dose of realism, of course.

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Truth in the Tinsel–Christ-focused Advent Countdown for Kids

Note: this post contains an affiliate link to the Truth in the Tinsel eBook.

For the past 5 years, our family has been enjoying a wonderful Christ-focused Advent countdown called Truth in the Tinsel. It is created by Amanda White who blogs at OhAmanda.com. I have been following Amanda and reading her blog for years. I admire her passion for bringing Christ into the lives of children in a meaningful and fun way. When my kids were old enough to understand and answer some basic questions and do fun crafts, we went out and purchased the eBook “Truth In The Tinsel”! I printed it out, and since that first year we still use that same print-out to this day. This Christ-focused advent countdown has been our go-to Christmas resource for many years!

Christ-focused advent countdown

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